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Do you want to do business in Poland or Russia but language is a barrier?  Not anymore.  Give us a chance and we will help you.

Heska Worldwide is a translation agency.  We have been in business for over 9 years.  We have a small on-site office.  This means that when you buy your translation from us, you don't have to pay extra for a rental of a big office, salaries of account executives and project managers.  The size of our office, however, does not mean that our the services you receive are in any way inferior.  We have a lot of resources and we work very hard to ensure that you and your client can communicate with each other without any misunderstandings.  We have a collection of dictionaries on site and access to on-line materials and help.  The company also works with associates in various fields (other translators, medical doctors, nurses, auto mechanics, sales representatives) in Poland to ensure that every translated document meets the highest standards.

The owner of the company, Ola Heska, was born and raised in Poland.  She studied Russian at the Lodz University, Poland.  In 1988 she wrote her thesis about "Unfinished and unpublished works of Ivan S. Turgenev" (soon to be published here) and received her Master of Arts degree in Russian Philology.  Ola has been a freelance translator since 1990.  She has lived in the United States since 1988.  In addition to being a translator, she had held a variety of other jobs (child care, food stamps operation, health insurance) which gave her an opportunity to learn about these fields firsthand and to have working knowledge of their operations.  Ola also travelled around the world visiting such countries as Tonga, Western Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Turkey.  She frequently travels to Poland.

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Ola Heska, Heska Worldwide

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